About the New Bethlehem Community Center

New Bethlehem Community Center has been providing programs and services throughout the CSRA since 1912. Our primary focus is to assist low-income residents of the community through community support and outreach. Sheridan Glaze is the Executive Director, she has been in her position since 2012. Ms. Glaze has been a member of the FD Gala committee for 5 years and knows how special the Gala is to the community as well as Fathers and Daughters.


The mission of New Bethlehem Community Center is to be an extension of God's ministry and to improve the quality of life.

About Marshal Ramone Lamkin

Marshal Ramone Lamkin is NBCC’s candidate for Father of the Year. His dedication to serve as one of the many leaders in Augusta is a true testament to his commitment for the entire community. The Mashal’s Office mission is to provide the citizens and visitors of Augusta-Richmond County with a clean community, and safe facilities in which to live, work and play, and to ensure the efficient, impartial and professional service of Judicial Process with a commitment to improving the overall quality of life.