About Isaiah and Justine Washington Scholarship Foundation

The Washington Foundation was established to honor the legacy of excellence of its two outstanding namesakes. For more than 70 years, each created an atmosphere of opportunity and cultivated a culture of achievement and progress among the children of Georgia. During their storied careers in education, Dr. "Ike" and Dr. "J" loved and nurtured their students while also motivating them to maximize their personal and professional growth. They inculcated in their students ideas and dreams of what "could be," and through effort, intellect, and energy, transitioned to them what "would be." The many stellar examples of visionary, professional and humanitarian acts have continued after their deaths to move generations of young scholars toward the challenges of their time.

Today, we honor a new cadre of young achievers, and thus, we honor the legacy of Drs. Isaiah and Justine Washington who committed their lives to the service of others.

Project BBUILD is a collaboration between Alpha Mu Boulé, the Richmond County Public School System, and the Boys and Girls Club of the CSRA to offer a tutoring and mentoring program for a limited number of sixth, seventh and eighth grade African-American males who attend a Richmond County Public School.

WHY DOES the Isaiah and Justine Washington Scholarship Foundation MATTER?

  • Drs. Isaiah and Justine Washington Scholarships are awarded annually to a select number of college-bound graduating seniors from Richmond County’s public high schools. 1 in 4 American women will experience domestic violence at least once in her lifetime.

Led by the Archons of Alpha Mu Boulé, volunteers, and a small number of paid tutors, Project BBUILD operates on each Saturday morning of the academic year. The program offers assistance to students in mathematics, reading, financial literacy and wealth acquisition. Additionally, Archons sponsor field trips and conduct weekly focus sessions on various topics to support civic and social development. Lunch is served at the end of each session.